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Sustainable CRE Alliance | Inspire Change

Driving Climate Action for SMEs and the CRE Industry  

Sustainable CRE Alliance 


Sustainable CRE Alliance (SCA), is a members-based alliance for SMEs and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry stakeholders; owners, managers, and tenants to engage in actions that will lead to a more sustainable future. The premise of SCA is to encourage all businesses, specifically small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to take steps in becoming more sustainable, with initiatives recognized by clients and employees. Recognition of Membership and accomplishments are visible via unique SCA Seals of recognition. 


SCA’s Mission is to build a coordinated global effort to inspire, guide and enable SMEs and the CRE sector to boldly accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.


Bridging the Sustainability Gap for SMEs and the CRE Industry 

Solving the Climate Crisis is a collective responsibility requiring bold action. Become an SCA Corporate Leader today and together, let's drive change!


Membership. Create Change.
One Project at a Time

Sustainable CRE Alliance (SCA) members will be provided access to insights, solutions, exclusive pricing on
offerings from participating Experts, Solutions Providers and Contractor partners. Membership will insights & help you navigate options by seeing other's projects, rapidly implement with guidance, to transform your business, office or workplace. Build more Sustainable Business operations 
and achieve Healthy Workplace Transformations.

SCA membership will assist members to focus on actionable implementations within two core program initiatives:


Sustainable CRE 360™

Inspire Sustainable Businesses, Buildings, Offices and Workspaces


Environmental Wellness 360™

 Inspire and Implement Wellness in the Workplace

Members submitting project completions will receive SCA 360™ Program – Recognition.  Members may submit projects by category that will be reviewed by SCA and qualify for the appropriate SCA 360 ™ Seal of accreditation to display on building or premise entrances and will be sent a digital seal to place on their website with a link to their profile and accredited project within Members Project Maps. Members can submit an unlimited number of projects. CRE industry Members will be provided use of SCA CarbonCompass™ to receive an SCA CarbonPass™ building rating to be displayed and digitally linked to actual building performance. 


Where the Future is Green ™  

Support the Movement

CRE Industry Members

Membership will be open to commercial landlords of any size, owner/investors, property managers, facility managers and developer/owners to access SCA benefits and demonstrate their support towards Sustainability and the Environment.

Services and Solutions Provider Alliances

Solutions and Services providers, local and National, will be carefully selected as partners to offer SCA Members exclusive access to Sustainable services and solutions with SCA pricing and other special offers to Members.

Sustainability and Environmental Wellness consulting and technology services partners to help get you started, from inspiration to project completions. Engage with consulting partners in our SCA Consulting Partner program that will offer you special incentives for being an SCA Member.

Professional Services Consulting Alliances

SCA Guided by an Accredited Advisory Board

Sustainable CRE ™ Alliance will be inviting recognized industry experts in their respective areas of expertise to join an exclusive Advisory Board to oversee and mentor Sustainable CRE ™ Alliance members and SCA 360 programs.

Business Advocacy

SCA Corporate Leaders

SCA Corporate Leaders demonstrate commitment to Sustainability and ESG, promote advocacy to SME clients, supporting SCA membership and initiatives to employees and clients, encouraging them to to take action and help solve the Crisis. Limited partners in industry sector opportunities.


The inspiration for starting SCA was straightforward; if every property and business owner takes a small step to achieving a more sustainable operation, we can collectively fight climate change. The goal is to get businesses to act, lead by example, be recognized for each initiative and to encourage new SCA Members, that change can happen. Our Internationally Acclaimed Sustainability and Workplace Wellness Advisory Board Members provide ongoing guidance, identifying key initiatives to continually inspire positive change.


Michael Seebeck

Founder, Sustainable CRE Alliance Inc., a PBC


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few of your questions regarding SCA Membership

Will there be a charge for SCA Membership?

Yes, membership will be available to any business type and size, starting at $199/year for our Supporting Member program, includes your creation of your company profile displayed on SCA, ability to showcase your sustainability projects, linked by your digital SCA Members seal from your website, promotional material or optional QR coded Membership seal on your business entrance.

Membership levels will be open to SME's (1-5 employees on up) in all sectors of business, CRE landlords, property managers and, individual Sustainability Professionals.

How will becoming an SCA Member benefit my business or property?

Getting inspired by becoming a member and qualifying for SCA 360 ™ Program accreditation provides you the ability to show your clients and employees that you’re taking steps towards a sustainable future. Demonstrating you care about the environment and their health.

Will I be able to see what other companies in my field are doing to get inspirational ideas?

Yes. Our Members Project Map is searchable by field and project type, and you can see all submitted projects.

Will SCA Membership help monitor our carbon emissions, provide access to expert advice and special pricing to help make the most of my sustainability efforts?

Yes. Membership will connect you to your own CarbonCompass, our tracking toolset to help you monitor your carbon emissions & optionally automate reports and submissions. Your Membership will also grant access to our preferred Sustainability Solution Provider Partners that provide everything from sustainability consulting to specialized products and services at preferential rates and pricing that come exclusively with your SCA membership participation.

Can SCA Membership really help my Company and better the work environment my company offers employees?

Yes. SCA has a unique partnering program with companies that offer advice and solutions to help you transform your workplace environment to become more healthy, productive, and as a result, likely more profitable!


As an SME Business Member, you create a brief Profile and can showcase your Sustainability Projects, receive comments and questions to help others, just like you.

Get ready to join, download your special membership seal to participate in the movement to Sustainability and take the actions that come with the rewards of SCA Membership!


Connect With Us To Learn More
We are currently in pre-launch mode...sign up today to be the first to know of our North American launch.

Thank you for your interest in SCA! Please check your inbox for our newsletter subsciption confirmation email.

Be among the first to participate in and become recognized in what will become a movement towards CRE Sustainability and Environmental Wellness.


Contact us for more information regarding joining SCA as a:

  • Supporting Member ($199/YR)

  • Sustainability Leader (Foundation Partner Program - available Pre-Launch) - Book Meeting with our Founder to Learn More

  • Sustainability Professional (Accredited Individuals)

  • SCA Business Member- 4 Levels 

  • CRE Industry Member - 4 Levels

  • Solutions & Services Alliance Partner

  • Consulting Partner

  • SCA Program Ambassador

  • SCA Advisory Board Member


We will respond to all requests and provide more information on becoming involved with SCA. Together, we look forward to addressing some of the biggest challenges businesses face today: becoming more sustainable and improving environmental wellness. Both go hand in hand to improve business performance & productivity plus, lessen CRE's impact on Climate Change.

See our Video: Let's drive transformation together!

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